Tricep Pull Down Rope w/ Gym Bag
Tricep Pull Down Rope w/ Gym Bag

Tricep Pull Down Rope w/ Gym Bag

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Preferred choice of bodybuilders and trainers, a high-quality tricep pull down rope is an indispensable part of any body building or fitness workout, and helps extend the range & effectiveness of exercises that can be performed using a cable machine.

Frost Giant Fitness Tricep Pull Down Rope w/ FREE Gym Bag!

-Conveniently perform overhead tricep extension, cable crunch, front raise or straight arm pull down like the way you would do using a straight bar, just expect better results as unlike a bar, a rope puts constant tension on your muscles through entire range of motion, making exercises more effective 
-Perform face pull for strengthening shoulders & arms, standing cable crunch for abs & lower back, cable pull-through for Glutes, Hamstrings, Back, Legs, etc., and many more variations for a more focused and effective workout 
-Perform popular cable rope hammer curl for targeting brachialis and brachioradiali
-Sturdy heavy duty braided nylon design is rugged enough to survive the usual forces of gym, and is sure to last for way longer 
-Braided design offers it firmer grip & the rubber stoppers at the ends further enhance the grip, while also reducing risk of hands slipping off 
-Standard 26” size proves ideal for a wide range of exercises and the chrome plated hook can also be attached to any standard cable pulley machine 
-End rubber attachments help hold down the rope in push down position for longer, increasing the time for which muscles are subjected to tension, and thus make it more intense and effective
-Not only ideal for home gym but it also helps avoid waiting in the gym until someone finishes his cable rope workout so that you can use it 


So, why think twice?

ORDER NOW & Get this Incredible Cable Pulley Exercising Attachment for a smart workout!