As former college football player and three-sport high-school athlete I woke up one day in my early 30s with a beautiful wife, three healthy, active sons, a promising career and a problem.

I was in the worst shape of my life.

Sports and fitness were a big part of my life when I was growing up. A decade spent focusing on my family and building my career, combined with an on-the-go diet that included healthy nutrition as an afterthought, created my situation at the time.

When I was 31, I realized, basically, all my strength and fitness were gone. I weighed nearly 300 pounds, needed a CPAP machine to sleep at night, and drank coffee throughout the day at work for the energy I needed to get through afternoon meetings.

The 6-foot, 4-inch former defensive lineman who played collegiate football at 265 pounds a decade earlier was just a memory.

Then, a conversation at work with a buddy who also played football in college, was about my same age and had rediscovered the importance of eating a healthy diet and maintaining a weight-lifting routine opened my eyes.

I slowly started thinking about it, and I started writing down everything I ate throughout the day. I had no idea what I was eating. I wasn’t thinking about carbs and fats and proteins, and the different roles they play in a healthy diet.

More talks with my friend led to additional research on the healthy-eating habits of people who live active lifestyles. That knowledge turned into momentum. After about two months, I lost more than 20 pounds just by focusing on my diet.

The results led me to the gym, where I started taking spinning classes. As I continued to lose weight, I started arriving at the gym early for spinning classes to knock out a set or two of reps in the weight room, which led to more and more sets in the weight room.

The gradual return of my strength, athleticism and energy levels reignited my passion for fitness. And it started me on a journey toward working myself into the best physical condition of my life.

In less than two years, I was stronger than I ever had been. And I felt better than I ever had.

Already an entrepreneur with dealings in real estate and other investments outside my full-time job, I started looking for ways to make fitness, and fitness products, an even bigger part of my life.

When I became serious about working out again, I started looking at the products I was using, and I noticed a lot of the stuff didn’t look good, didn’t feel good and didn’t last as long as I expected. I started looking for better.

And when I couldn’t find better, I decided to build it myself!

In 2016, from my home in Nebraska, I launched Frost Giant Fitness, a company founded squarely on the traditional Midwestern values of customer service and delivering innovative products, that are constructed of quality materials and sold at fair prices.

Frost Giant Fitness offers a variety of products that help athletes perform safer and more efficiently while participating in weight lifting, powerlifting, strongman, Crossfit, bodybuilding and cardiovascular training to improve or maintain physical conditioning.


Our goal is to offer professional-grade fitness products everyday people, like myself, would expect, at a value they can recognize, and a price they can afford. Products that perform well and last. Products that people are proud to own.

"For The Love of Fitness"

Kurt Kaiser, founder

Frost Giant Fitness